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Industry customization scheme

The core value of the brand "Tailored, tailored for you" -- "Even if there is only one device in the world, we will customize for you". Has been a proud guide to moving people. Now we have successfully designed and manufactured a variety of customized forklift equipment to meet the needs of many enterprises.

We provide forklift handling solutions for the textile industry; Plastic industry forklift handling solutions; Forklift handling solutions for home appliance industry, shoe handling solutions; Handling solutions for auto parts industry; Handling solutions for machinery industry; Solutions for handling forklifts in stone industry; Forklift handling solutions for special industries and other solutions for the whole industry.

Heavy duty truck series
Mold quick change series
Customized standard car series
Customized solutions for special industries
Special forklift customization scheme
Automobile mold solution
Crystal rod industry solutions
Textile industry solutions
Home appliance industry solutions
Solutions for the plastics industry
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